Apocalypse Pooh

Sometimes the Universe whispers an offer of happiness to you:

Pardon me…“, it asks. “Would you be interested in seeing something called ‘Apocalypse Pooh’? It’s a mash-up of ‘Apocalypse Now’ (iTunes / Amazon) and the cartoon version of ‘Winnie-the-Pooh‘, made by some mysterious Canadian film-maker.

“Tell me more…” you say.

Pooh Bear is dancing around in front of a mirror, à la an unhinged Martin Sheen. Do you think you would you enjoy seeing that?

“I would.” you say to the Universe.

And what about Piglet as voiced by Dennis Hopper? Would you like that?

“Very much so!”

Perhaps you’d also like to see Tigger appear in the scene where Chef is in the jungle and he freak…

You hear yourself erupt in a guttural, Sam Kinison-like howl: “I WANT TO SEE THIS!! SWEET LORD –  I NEEEEED TO SEE THIS!!”

“Of course you do,” the Universe says as it regards you with a sort of bored bemusement. “Everybody does.”