Gina Trapani’s new blog is a “must read” for people who use technology to improve their lives.

Former Lifehacker guru, author, and former Brooklynite Gina Trapani is back in action with her new blog, Smarterware.

The quote she uses in the footer of her new site tells me that this is probably a less-corporate, more heartfelt venture :

“Be true to your work and your work will be true to you.” —Charles Pratt

Best of luck to you, Gina!

Radiohead meets Tusk at this year’s Grammy’s

Radiohead meets Tusk at this year’s Grammy’s:


Radiohead feat. USC Marching Band ‘15 Step (02/08/2009)’ (mp3)

Also: (Radiohead ‘15 Step’ Video)

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Human Stop-Motion Performance of Mozart on Guitar

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I am not a fan of Rush.

And I hate most things having to do with drummers.

But if Sara, a 13 year old Japanese girl, twirls her sticks while bashing along with “YYZ”, it makes everything that is wrong,…right, somehow.


I wish she wasn’t such a fan of Prog Rock but, really, how snooty can you get after reading stuff like this on her home page?:

Sara Santa

Check out her other stuff and watch as chica tears it up on the kit and a DrumKat.

And if Mr. Santa doesn’t come through for her, we should all just cancel Christmas forever.

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